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Stress-release management to prevent hair loss

Stress can also cause us to lose hair faster than usual

Stress can also cause us to lose hair faster than usual

As we all know, stress can cause our hair to become grey much sooner than expected and can also cause us to lose hair faster than usual.  Stress can be the precursor leading to medical conditions which cause hair loss.

The normal cycle for hair to remain alive is 3-4 years which is followed by a resting phase of about 4 months, after which the hair falls out.  We usually shed about 100 hairs per day as the resting phasecomes to an end.  The reason stress can cause hair loss is because more hair goes into the resting phase.  Therefore, 4 months after the resting phase ends, one might experience an increased shedding of hair which might be alarming.

Additionally, stress sometimes causes people to rapidly lose weight due to poor caloric intake.  Poor diet is definitely one of the reasons why hair might start falling out since our body directs its resources to more important parts of the body.

How to deal with stress?

There are countless techniques meant to help us deal with stress since it is probably one of the most common problems a modern person faces.  The following are a few techniques which are viewed as important to relieving stress.

Time management

In the majority of cases, stress is caused by the lack of time.  Poor organization of time leads to constant stress as the person is constantly failing to meet deadlines.  To combat this, the first thing to do is create a schedule where certain amounts of time are allocated to each project. If you are a busy person, even personal time with family or intimate time with your partner should be scheduled. It might seem wrong to schedule something which should be spontaneous. In reality however, scheduling ensures that quality time is spent with your partner without constantly worrying about something else or work.


When people hear the word meditation, the first thing that comes to their mind is a Buddhist monk sitting in Lotus position.  In reality, most people can enter a meditative state doing something that they love.  It could be painting, playing a favorite instrument, doing yoga, walking on a slack-line or countless other activities.  Participating in favorite activities allows the mind to relax and invigorates the body.  Studies have shown that meditation actually changes our mind on a physical level and increases the levels of happiness.


Daily exercise is one of the most sure-fire ways to deal with stress.  When exercising, a large number of endorphins are released into the blood stream. It’s a wonder why so few people actively exercise considering how good it feels!  This is probably because making the decision and starting to exercise can be fairly difficult.   At first, exercise will cause the muscles to ache and you might think of giving up.  However,after just 2-3 weeks of regular exercise, you will start to derive immense pleasure from it!  It could be just a morning jog around to block, some heavy lifting in the gym or some form of active sport. Everything works!

Cognitive Therapy

The reason why we experience stress and feel depressed is not because of circumstances. In fact, objective reality has little effect on our inner world. What really makes a difference to our happiness level is our interpretation of events.  Events can be interpreted in many ways.  With practically every event that we experience, we can find something positive and something negative. The trick is to switch your attention from the negative aspects of the event (we tend to notice negative things a lot more) to the positive aspects.  This is not an easy technique to master.  It requires constant practice; but once you succeed, you will start to see your world in a different light, completely changing your viewpoint.

Reminding Yourself of the Good in Your Life

Usually, once we have acquired something that we want, we devaluate its importance and set a new goal.  This might seem like good fuel for progress; however, this leaves us in a constant state of unhappiness since we are always striving to get what we want and do not value what we already have.  The way to combat this is to start keeping a journal to record daily three new things for which you are grateful.  It could be something big like “I am thankful for having loving parents” or something very small and trivial such as “I am so happy I bought my new running shoes”.  This technique will encourage you to look for the good in your life.  After a while you will run out of obvious things to be thankful for and you will be forced to search for other good things in your life.

Happiness is Key to Coping with Stress

All the things mentioned above are methods of increasing your happiness.  This forces you to turn away from the negative and find all the good things in your life.  Doing these things will substantially reduce the level of stress you feel and make you a happier person.  In reality, the core reason we do things is to make ourselves happy, so why not start today?