Is Mesotherapy Effective in Treating Hair Loss?


Before we start discussing whether mesotherapy can be used for treating hair loss or not, let’s first find out what mesotherapy is, how it works, and then discuss whether it works at all.

Usually, the articles which discuss mesotherapy are located on websites that offer this service.  We wouldn’t call this very objective  since the people offering this service are inclined to tell you all the wondrous benefits of mesotherapy and will try to avoid talking about side effects and other important information.

What is Mesotherapy and Does it Work?

Mesotherapy is labeled as a cosmetic technique which uses an injection gun to make multiple injections in the targeted area.  These injections are very shallow;  the needle barely goes past the epidermis.  This technique is primarily advertised as the treatment for cellulitis and recently, as a treatment for pattern baldness.

Despite the fact that this technique has been used for over 50 years now, there is almost no scientific evidence that this technique has produced favorable results.  Moreover, the components of the solutions that are used in the injections usually remain secret.  This would make anyone wary, especially since the local destruction of fat via injections sounds completely ridiculous to anyone who has studied medicine.

Similarly, the same websites that claim to rid you of extra pounds through mesotherapy also claim that similar injections will regrow hair.  Regretfully, the only two medical substances that have been proven to stop hair loss and induce hair growth are finasteride and minoxidil, both of which have to be used continually to prevent hair loss.  Additionally, minoxidil should only be used topically and not injected;  otherwise it can lead to a number of unwanted side effects.  The idea that a couple of sessions of mesotherapy will make your hair grow back by “supplying your hair follicles with vitamins and nutrients and activating rejuvenation and restoration” is completely preposterous.

Side Effects of Mesotherapy

We cannot stress enough how important it is to take any type of injection very seriously.  It is very important!  If the solution to be injected, the needle, and your skin are not kept sterile, harmful bacteria (and in the worst case scenario – fungi) can enter your body through your skin.  This can lead to a nasty complication known as an abscess.  An abscess is basically a collection of puss under your skin which has no way of exiting your body and which will need to be lanced and drained.   A mesotherapy session usually involves many injections and if everything is not sterile, you could face many abscesses under your skin which will not disappear on their own.

The most horrifying thing about this ordeal is that some mesotherapy websites claim that these “nodes” are actually normal and will disappear on their own.  They claim, and we quote: “they attach themselves to the fat and disappear while eating away at the fat”.  They even advise people to massage them to make them disappear  faster.  Abscesses should NEVER be massaged!  This can cause the puss to enter the blood stream and possibly get into the arteries of your lungs and could be potentially fatal.

By using mesotherapy as a hair loss treatment, all this can happen right on your scalp, placing your brain in a very risky situation.  The next time you think about participating in mesotherapy in some shady or not so reputable beauty salon, you better think twice.